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It provides a broad view of contemporary art and history in the 21st century that crosses genres such as installation art, convergence art that combines technology and art, digital/media art, painting, drawing, and sculpture.


No Emergency Exit
2020.09.24 – 10.18

  • Artist: Hyojin Yook
  • Title: No Emergency Exit
  • Place: Bucheon Art Bunker B39, 2F Electric Cabinet
  • Date: 2020.09.24(Thurs) – 10.18(Sun)
  • Opening hours: 10AM – 6PM
  • Admission Fee: Free

by artist Hyojin Yook will be held at Electric Cabinet on the 2F of Bucheon Art Bunker B39 from September 23(Thurs) to October 18(Sun), which was filled with electric facilities for garbage incinerator.

Hyojin Yook puts the symbolic element of House and window into her work, asks about the nature of human life, and unravels it as an installation artwork. She will present her old and new works together through this solo exhibition.

The artist takes the shape of the formwork installed to measure the shape and dimensions of the structures before building the house as the main image of the work, which reflects the modern society of dividing social classes based on the area where any place and house are located.

In this exhibition, the artist's new works based on episodes that can take place around 'Home' will also feature works using a variety of mediums such as installation, video, and sound.

Yook says she hopes that it will be a time to think about discrimination, which has been categorized as a group of our society, by intervening in the context of living and she also expressed her desire to establish herself as one of the artists who sublimated the social problems of the contemporary era into art through this exhibition.

ARTIST Hyojin Yook                                                    
Artist Hyojin Yook is an installation artist who uses the medium of communication to create works. The half-open shape of a door in a window or square has become Yook's symbolic shape, and these represent the boundary between one side and the other side of any particular situations or realities. She intends to use these symbolic works as a device to break down communication.

Yook's early work showed an attempt to give a certain sense of rhythm by focusing on flat-panel works, such as annular and bilateral symmetry with pastel colour palettes. Since then, she has started to use metal-like materials as an extension of her existing works to create simple, restrained sculptures as she begins to use flat works in three dimensions. These have established connections and communication with spaces and audiences, and she has recently continued to expand her artistic journey by using a variety of mediums, including video and sound, and light art.