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It provides a broad view of contemporary art and history in the 21st century that crosses genres such as installation art, convergence art that combines technology and art, digital/media art, painting, drawing, and sculpture.


<Spiral Waves>
2022.11.07 ~ 2022.11.27

「Spiral Waves」 Project, a visual and sound performance exhibiton which combines Stereophonic sound technic, visual mapping, interactive technology and Modular Synthesizer organically.

Total 23 chenel based loud speaker and stereophonic sound system will be combinate with visual and sound programming through algorithm software so that can product an convergence technology art in this audio and visual performing exhibition.

Within audiences natural emotion and view point can reach their own authenic interpretation while they approach the art piece. Shinuk Kang's live perfecmance with acoustic piano will be held on November 12th, 19th, 26th at 3-4pm.