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It provides a broad view of contemporary art and history in the 21st century that crosses genres such as installation art, convergence art that combines technology and art, digital/media art, painting, drawing, and sculpture.


<Everyware is Everywhere>
2022.03.04 ~ 2022.03.22

Welcome to the amazing maze!

The exhibiton presents the Media Artist Group EVERYWARE's work MAZAR(Maze+AR) at B39 which will ve held from March 4th to 22nd, 2022. This provides you a chanceto participate in interactive art and also gives you a lot of fun at the same time, The title of  the exhibiton "everyware is everywhere" means EVERYWARE's work exists everywhere by communicating with the audiences.

Then, are you ready to explore the AR maze world?
Let us go into this fantastic exhibition!