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It provides a broad view of contemporary art and history in the 21st century that crosses genres such as installation art, convergence art that combines technology and art, digital/media art, painting, drawing, and sculpture.


<Ask & Interpret> : 2023 Asia Culture Center Foundation × Bucheon Cultural Foundation collaborative media art exhibiton
2023.07.12 ~ 2023.08.12

2023 Asia Culture Center Foundation × Bucheon Cultural Foundation collaborative media art exhibiton

is a collaborative media art exhibition held at the Bucheon Art Bunker B39, which presents media artworks from the Asia Culture CEnter. The exhibition gocuses on aesthetic moments where reality and imagination intersect in an increasingly digitalized environment and the global climate crisis. As mediators between the present and the future, Jad Sujin LEE and Yongkak Cho pose interesting questions to people of today based on their sense of reality where the real and the unreal converge, The exhibiton will be an opportunity to explore one's understanding through their unique and individual imagination.

Jade Sujin LEE is interested in diverse invisible signs and sensations, such as light, memory and sound, which appear in some liminal areas of the everyday world.
Based on the imagination of an arbitrary virtual world that all beings-including humans-construct, the artist reconstructs contemporary concepts
that flow between the temporality of the "past-present-future" and expresses them through installation, performance, narration and video.
〈How to Make a Song with Opposite Value?〉 reflects the artist's interest in all the peculiar worlds connected to our lives,
such as emotions, auras, unconsciousness and metaphors, which have long existed in opposition to the human way life,
which has advanced based on the profit value of reason and rationality.

Youngkak Cho explores various technological, social, and cultural issues that arise within the complex system of environments
(natural / technological / virtual / physical) brought up to us by today's digital environment. Through digital technology,
Cho actively intervenes with the relationship between multiple subjects within and out of the sytemas well as the interface where different layers come into contact.
He also investigates other possibilities and perspectives by staging them into relocated systems.
Cho's recent work utilizes the latest technologies, including A.I., data science, robotics, and blockchain,
especially focusing on creating complex system situations as environments that project uncertain hypothetical situations into the present.