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It provides a broad view of contemporary art and history in the 21st century that crosses genres such as installation art, convergence art that combines technology and art, digital/media art, painting, drawing, and sculpture.


Colors as A Real Measure : Water and Plants
2023.07.13 ~ 2023.08.01

The Soshim Project is a visual art project group composed of So Soo Bin and Shim Mina. The group was formed to pursue art without boundaries through the fusion of art and science and experimentation with materials and media.

Colors as A Real Measure: Water and Plants is an exhibition presenting the process and outcomes of the two artists’ knowledge and interest in water and plants, as visualized through color, light, and mechanical devices. Thinking about how to see the present and the future, which are influenced by the development of contemporary technological culture and environmental changes, their views are reflected in the images of humankind influencing or interacting with plant machines or creating individual experiences. Through this, we can reimagine a coexistence system between humans and nature.

Taking the motif of plants disappearing due to climate change, So Soo Bin presents her New-ecosystem series with the theme of plants that have changed by adapting to the future environment. The growth system of mutant plants proposed by the artist does not rely on sunlight, water, and organic matter, which are normal plant growth conditions, but is based on data generated and processed by humans—illustrated books of medicinal herbs, Google image data, variant plants, etc.—which is realized through 3D sculptures and archival videos using machine learning. The virtual plants represented in this way can be seen as the consequence of artificial evolution by advanced technology, not ecological evolution following the law of nature, and are considered as living beings with more expanded abilities than current species.
Meanwhile, plants combined with machines are presented as beings capable of spontaneous migration. The freely moving plants imply questions of how they will change their ecosystem, or what evolutionary methods they will adopt to survive in the future. Imagining green plants, which are the fundamental elements that make up the earth in a rapidly changing environment, to transform and find new ways of survival, the work leads us to think about what kind of humanity we will be and what kind of earth we will live on in the future.

Shim Mina focuses on the characteristics of modern society in which it is difficult to take care of one’s inner self due to excessive stimulation. She expresses an abstract image of a virtual space where one can talk to one's inner self without any hindrance. In the space designed by the artist, nature functions as a major medium of healing, and in particular, the physical properties and colors of “water,” expressed in various media such as paintings, videos, and installations, provide a relaxation given by nature.
The monochrome blue screen, or the warm and soft light, evokes the endless sea, river, earth, and sky beyond the canvas, and the temporary nature that the artist embodies in this way breaks away from physical and geographical limitations and becomes a meditative space where visitors can have an inner rest.
Colors that are expanded into the space become a medium for emotional transfer through personal memories. Also, psychological catharsis occur, in which anxiety and suffering are converted into the experience of reflection.

Through this exhibition, which presents an ecological imagination and an awareness of the changes in life and the environment caused by rapid development, we hope to provide an opportunity to question and discuss the present and the future to come. Through artistic diagnoses based on nature (water and plants) that have been related to us, we hope the audience finds their answers to the question of how we should connect our lives with the world in the future.